Low acid value Ethylene Bistearamide wax – Sainuo


Property Softening Point℃ Acid Value Amine Value Viscosity CPS@140 Free Acid Content Appearance
Index 145-150℃ ≤10 ≤2.5 5-10 ≤3 White Powder

Product Advantage:

EBS wax can substitute Malay and Indonesian products, partly substitute kao ES-FF products, low acid value, low amine value, high performance, high purity, excellent heat resistance and stability.


  1. Plastics and resins:The product is mainly used as lubricant in the production and processing of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics, rubber and other polymer materials.
  2. Rubber
  3. Asphalt
  4. Pigment, Coating:EBS used as dispersant for pigments in masterbatch production.In pigment and coating, its bright dispersion effect is good, improve hardness, good friction resistance.
  5. Textile dyeing and finishing:EBS can be used as defoamer and permanent water remover for dyeing engineering
  6. Mold release agent


We have mature technology research and development team, through 17 national and product patents.

The products have been approved by FDA,REACH,ROSH,ISO and other certification, in line with national standards.

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20'feet container with pellet 11 ton

40'feet container with pellet 22 ton

20'feet container without pellet 15 ton

40'feet container without pellet 26 ton

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