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Property Softening Point ViscosityCPS@140℃ Molecular Weight Mn Acid Value Color Appearance
Index 100-105 200-300 1500-2000 15-20 White Granule

Product advantage:

1, It can be used as PVC and other plastic lubricant. 2. Excellent internal and external lubrication. 3, It can improve the lubricity between polymer and metal. 4, It can improve the dispersion of colorants. 5, Give products good transparency and luster. 6. Better improve production efficiency Application : PVC products


The products have been approved by FDA,REACH,ROSH,ISO and other certification, in line with national standards.

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Specification:25kg/bag 20'feet container with pellet 11 ton 40'feet container with pellet 22 ton 20'feet container without pellet 15 ton 40'feet container without pellet 26 ton