Build a sense of boundaries between work and life

If you don’t want your life to be interrupted by work, be sure to set boundaries in your life

and work. It’s best to build a sense of boundaries with your co-workers and leaders on your

first day, and it’s always more reasonable to start with principles.

What if the boundary wasn’t established in the first place? Next, Qingdao Sainuo small

editor to take you to understand three methods.

1. Build your sense of boundaries through effective communication. For work scheduled

during the break, if not urgent, tell each other clearly “Received, I will give you a reply at

XX time.”. If you don’t see it right away, let the other person know when you might not be

looking at your phone, and what your time frame might be.

2. Maintain positive communication with your superiors and actively present your ideas. In

your daily work life, you can express yourself properly, let him know that you are a know

what you want, know how to balance work and life. Do not always keep silent when you

work. When the leader gives you a job, you begin to complain, which will only make the

boss think that you have a problem with your work attitude and emotional stability.


3. Strive for outstanding completion of the task, Gain Trust and then talk about the “Border.”

At any time, if you want to negotiate with the other side, to wait until after the trust to talk,

so that the effect will be better. So, since the work can not be avoided, then do it well, take

this opportunity, just can talk with the boss. For example, if you make a joke about

sacrificing your time at the hospital to do a good job, can you ask for a full weekend in the

future so that you have time to study and will do a better job in the future.

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