Exposure of Sainuo melt-blown material production formula

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, masks and other medical protective equipment have been in short supply throughout the

country. From the perspective of the mask structure, medical surgical masks generally have three layers,Both inner and outer layers

are non-woven fabrics, and the middle filter layer is melt-blown fabric. As the filter layer of the mask, melt-blown cloth is very


The main raw material for the production of melt-blown cloth is PP melt-blown material. Some time ago, it was reported that all

enterprises in the “town of melt-blown cloth” stopped production for rectification! The price of meltblown cloth raw material PP has

risen, and PP has become a “luxury product”. In the face of the skyrocketing market prices, the Sainuo Group is willing to announce

the meltblown raw material formula to the public in order to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the price. Contribute to the

motherland and society.

The following picture is Sainuo meltblown material formula.


The special material for PP meltblown cloth is polypropylene with high melt index. The higher the polypropylene melt index, the

finer the melt-blown fibers, and the higher the filtration efficiency of the melt-blown cloth.

Sainuo meltblown material

1. The melt index is stable, the range is controlled at 1500 ± 100, the yarn is evenly distributed, and the processing stability is


2. The post-processing device removes light components, the reaction is full, and the odor is lower;

3. Moisture control system to control water content ≤0.2%;

4. Low ash.

Can be widely used in polypropylene melt-blown spinning process and high-performance non-woven fabrics, especially suitable for

disposable melt-blown fabrics for medical and civil masks.

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