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Qingdao Sainuo new product - pe wax W105

Typical characteristics

Characteristic Index
Softening Point℃ 100-105
ViscosityCPS@140℃ 5-10
Needle penetration 5
Particle size 20-40mesh
Thermal weight loss ≤0.1%
Appearance White Powder


pe wax W105

Product Advantage:

1. The powder is uniformly dispersed in the mixing process;

2. Good thermal stability, high hardness, high melting point, low thermal weight loss;

3. Excellent lubrication performance, reduce the friction between melt and equipment shear;

4. Through the comparison of rheological test, this pe wax can replace other excellent products equally, the plasticizing time and lubrication stability in the middle and later period.


1. PVC industry. Provide excellent anti-adhesion and improve liquidity. The excellent external lubrication function solves the PVC product demoulding effect, reduces the polymer molecular cohesion, improves the plastic melt and the processing equipment of the hot metal surface friction heat generation, in the plastic melt and metal interface form a thin layer of lubrication. The recommended amount is 5-10%.   


2.Hot melt adhesive. High temperature and low viscosity to improve the fluidity of hot melt adhesive, enhance the degree of infiltration of the bonding surface, improve the melting point, small thermal weight loss can improve the heat resistance of hot melt adhesive, high hardness can improve the strength of hot melt adhesive, small opening time, good fast drying. The recommended amount is 3-5%.   


3. Road marking paint.


Our pe wax has been hydrodecolorized to achieve a higher level of whiteness and transparency, so that people are attracted by its purity at first sight.

Large equipment production, each batch of 2000 tons of batch production; regular sampling, product indicators calibration to ensure batch stability.

This pe wax has excellent mid-to-late lubrication stability and can perfectly replace many other high-quality products, with higher cost performance. In the wild rise of raw materials market environment, for enterprises can effectively achieve cost reduction efficiency.

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