What to do when you lose your job in the epidemic and re-interview your new job

If you lose your job due to force majeure during the epidemic, you must make the interviewer clear when interviewing for a new job:

You were not laid off because of poor performance.

Many people lost their jobs in this sudden outbreak. The main reason is nothing more than these four points: First, the company went

bankrupt or failed to pay salary; The second is the survival of the fittest for survival and cost savings; The third is the company’s

initiative to lay off employees; Fourth, the contract worker was dismissed.


When interviewing for a new job, you must prove to the interviewer that you were not laid off because of your inability or poor

performance. Many excellent sales personnel were laid off by the company not because of poor performance, but because of the

epidemic situation, it is really difficult to find new business in the market. If you can get a recommendation letter from the company’s

senior staff, it will also bring you a lot of help.

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