[Qingdao Sainuo Class] Building a personal brand

Building a personal brand is a very valuable thing, because once you have a good reputation, quality career opportunities will come

toyour door. For women in the workplace, when creating a personal brand, they are often affected by the “affinity problem”

phenomenon. So how do women in the workplace build a strong personal brand to ensure that their talents are recognized by



First of all, you should try to build connections both inside and outside the organization. When only a specific group knows your

talents and abilities, your situation is very dangerous. Secondly, take control of your story. In order to let others understand the truth

behind your career, you need to prepare a clear and brief “elevator speech”, which will allow you to communicate your personal

brand in a short time. Finally, share your thoughts in public. 

Keeping a low profile and letting work speak for yourself can only allow people who work closely with you to have a high

evaluation of you. People in other departments or leaders of several levels higher than you may contribute to you may know nothing

about your contribution. So you need to recommend yourself and talk about your achievements in some public places.

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