Qingdao Sainuo Class – Inputs and costs

A person gets deeper and deeper into something, It’s not that he doesn’t know whether to give up, but he’s stuck in

the sunk costs, putting more energy and time into the past to “fill in the holes. ”.

Sunk costs are those costs that have occurred in the past and that we can not recover or change. These

contribution include and are not limited to money, time, energy, affection, etc. We all fear being proven wrong,

and denying past choices is tantamount to denying our past selves, so people prefer to stick with the wrong




“Management Wisdom” points out, give up in time, is a kind of wisdom. If sunk costs determine how people view

the past, then opportunity costs determine how people face the future. Compared to sunk costs, opportunity costs

are the ones that determine our future happiness. 

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