Qingdao Sainuo Class – Manager’s knowledge

Inexperienced managers often make the mistake of viewing personal execution as the most

reliable driver, investing a lot of time and energy in specific tasks. As a result, they are “On

the go”every day, you don’t get the approval of the people you work for.

The first and biggest change facing the transition from individual contributor to front line

manager is a change in goals, Shift from being accountable only for individual work results

to being accountable for the goals of the entire team. If managers continue to choose to

work alone, relying on their own diligence to achieve team goals, will inevitably drag down

the efficiency of the entire team. To truly take on the “Management role”and make the team

work efficiently, managers need to stop focusing on what they’re good at or what they’re

interested in, and think about how to achieve the goals of the whole team, maximize team

output rather than individual output.


The second change we face is a shift in work patterns from relying primarily on ourselves to

relying on team members to achieve goals. In addition to focusing on the task itself,

managers need to see people in their eyes, think about people in their minds, and think about

how to make the most of their team members, rather than trying to make themselves

superheroes. To give full play to the ability of team members, managers need to stimulate

motivation and reduce resistance.

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