Qingdao Sainuo pe wax new product launch

Typical characteristics

Characteristic Index
Softening Point℃ 110-115
ViscosityCPS@140℃ 30-50 mpa .s
Thermal weightlessness ≤0.6%
Shore hardness 95+
Appearance White Granule

Product Photo


Product Advantage

Qingdao Sainuo pe wax 9010W  

1. Good Whiteness, good hardness, good brightness, good penetrability, crispness, small smell, smokeless, high


2. Low thermal weight loss, low rheological index, good lubrication dispersion;

3. Solve the problem of uneven feeding in weight loss measurement;

4. Nearly perfect replacement of all high-quality oligomers, can replace 0020P, 0040P.


High-end filler masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, road marking line paint, color masterbatch, dealers, foam

plate,Wood plastic, and so on

Product Packaging 

This product is white granule appearance and conforms to the standard. It is packed in 25 kg paper-plastic

composite bags or woven bags. It is transported in the form of pallets. Each pallet has 40 bags and a net weight of

1000 kg, Extended packaging on the outside.

Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,Ltd. We are manufacturer for PE wax, PP wax, OPE wax, EVA wax, PEMA, EBS,

Zinc/Calcium Stearate…. Our products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing.

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