Qingdao Sainuo polyethylene wax manufacturers

Qingdao Sainuo group is a scientific and technological private enterprise specializing in the application and development of rubber and plastic, paint additives and pigments. Committed to production, application technology development, product system construction and R & D, realizing 60000 tons of production and sales of lubricating dispersion systems such as polyethylene wax, Ethylene Bis-Stearamide, PETS and Stearate, and achieving scale competitiveness. It has 10 pilot production lines. With in-depth upstream and downstream application technology, it helps to realize the R & D, production and application of lubrication dispersion system of rubber and plastic modified materials.


SaInuo, with 18 years of dedicated and attentive application experience, has achieved an excellent lubrication dispersion system, and truly realized the intensive production and one-stop supply of the basic lubrication system.
At present, it has become an international production base with an annual production of 30,000 tons of polyethylene wax dispersible lubricant and an annual production and sales capacity of 60,000 tons.
Products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing, are widely used in PVC products, PVC stabilizer, color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, modified asphalt, engineering plastics, powder coating, road marking paint, polymer modification and other fields, It has become an important raw material supplier to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and its brand influence spreads all over the world.

The Sainuo people always keep pace with the world with a broad vision to achieve transcendence again and again and realize all the possibilities of lubrication and dispersion performance. Sainuo in line with international standards, the implementation of a standardized management system. Sainuo takes the market demand and the customer attention as the focal point, promotes a better rubber and plastic industry in the world!
Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,Ltd. We are manufacturer for PE wax, PP wax, OPE wax, EVA wax, PEMA, EBS,Zinc/Calcium Stearate…. Our products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing.
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