The role of oxidized polyethylene wax

Oxidized polyethylene wax is an excellent new type of polar wax. Because the molecular chain of oxidized

polyethylene wax has a certain amount of carbonyl groups and hydroxyl groups, its compatibility with fillers,

pigments and polar resins is significantly improved. It has better wettability and dispersibility in polar systems

than polyethylene wax, and it also has coupling properties.

Oxidized wax has special properties such as low viscosity, high softening point, and good hardness. It is non-

toxic, good in thermal stability, low in high temperature volatility, and has excellent dispersibility to fillers and

pigments. It has excellent external lubricity and Strong internal lubrication and coupling effect, can improve the

production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production costs, have good compatibility with polyolefin

resins, etc., have good moisture resistance at room temperature, and have chemical resistance. Strong, excellent

electrical properties, it can improve the appearance of finished products, is an ideal product to replace Montan

wax, Sichuan wax, liquid paraffin, microcrystalline paraffin, natural paraffin, polyethylene wax, etc.



Qingdao Sainuo’s 822, low-density oxidized polyethylene wax, PVC system, plasticization in advance, lower

torque in the later period, has excellent internal and external lubrication, improves the dispersion of colorants, and

gives products good gloss, better To improve production efficiency, its rheological and emulsifying properties are

equivalent to American Honeywell A-C629.

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