Three advantages of polyethylene / pe wax

Polyethylene wax is a medium polymer of ethylene. It is not in the gaseous state of ethylene, nor is it different from the hard block of polyethylene. It is in the waxy state. It has a wide range of uses and has quite successful application cases in many industries.Today, Sainuo will take you to learn about the three advantages of polyethylene wax:

Pe wax, also known as polymer wax, is widely used because of its excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. In normal production, this wax can be directly added to polyolefin processing as an additive, which can increase the gloss and processability of the product. As a lubricant, it has stable chemical properties and good electrical properties. Polyethylene wax has good compatibility with polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl acetate, ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber. It can improve the fluidity of polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS and the demoulding property of polymethylmethacrylate and polycarbonate. Compared with other external lubricants, polyethylene wax has stronger internal lubrication for PVC.
1. High cost performance of polyethylene wax used in Color Masterbatch
The resin melt has high viscosity and poor compatibility with the pigment surface, so the wetting is poor and it is difficult to penetrate into the pores of the aggregate. Therefore, it can not effectively transfer the shear force and it is difficult to damage the aggregate. When the master batch system with polyethylene wax is processed, the polyethylene wax melts before the resin and is coated on the pigment surface. Due to its low viscosity and good compatibility with pigments, polyethylene wax is easy to wet pigments, penetrate into the internal pores of pigment aggregates, weaken the cohesion, make the aggregates easier to open under the action of external shear force, and the new particles can also be quickly wetted and protected. In addition, polyethylene wax can reduce the viscosity of the system and improve the fluidity. Therefore, adding polyethylene wax in the production of color masterbatch can improve the production efficiency, increase the output, and allow higher pigment concentration.

2. Polyethylene wax used in PVC at affordable price
Polyethylene wax is an important application in PVC processing. Compared with fatty acid lubricants, it has no adverse effect on melt tension and Vicat softening point, and provides excellent anti adhesion and flow control. Polyethylene wax can be used to control melting in special processing methods. It has good compatibility with other ingredients even if it is added in a large amount.
3. Polyethylene wax used in engineering plastics has low price and high cost performance
Due to the continuous demand for engineering plastics and the efforts of plastic manufacturers to develop new markets for special products, the development of new plastics has been growing. Because the application technology is often in the process of continuous progress, these plastics often bring difficulties in processing. They may have very high molecular weight and thus very poor fluidity, or, for example, durable copolymers at low temperatures may be very viscous after processing. In these applications, engineering plastics additives are very valuable processing aids because of their low volatility, internal and external lubrication in polar and non-polar plastics, additional demoulding effect and anti migration.
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