Polyethylene wax Irregular flake with low thermal weight loss – Sainuo


Property Softening Point ViscosityCPS@140℃ Density g/cm3@25℃ Particle Size Color Appearance
Index 90-100 5-10 0.92-0.95 20-40 White Flake

Product advantage:

This polyethylene wax has a concentrated carbon distribution and a concentrated molecular weight distribution, It has low thermal weight loss and good lubrication performance in earlier, middle and later stages. Application : 1. PVC products 2. Stabilizers 3. Filler masterbatch 4. Rubber additive 5. Rubber processing


The products have been approved by FDA,REACH,ROSH,ISO and other certification, in line with national standards.

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Specification:25kg/bag 20'feet container with pellet 11 ton 40'feet container with pellet 22 ton 20'feet container without pellet 15 ton 40'feet container without pellet 26 ton